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Heian Shodan

Heian Shodan is the first kata a beginner to Shotokan Karate learns, and is fundamentally one of the most important kata you study. Taking roughly 40 seconds to perform, this kata contains 21 movements.

Heian Nidan

The second of the Heian Kata series is used in the yellow belt test. With 26 movements, this kata should take about 50-60 seconds to perform and is more physically demanding than Heian Shodan.

Heian Sandan

This kata introduces many new techniques, the most complex being the disengage of the arm followed by the spinning tetsui. Just through studying this technique, you learn to control your centre of balance, you learn to spin quickly and efficiently and you learn to generate power through moving your body’s mass.

Heian Yondan

Yondan introduces a new type of rhythm to kata training. It has interesting contrasts between very deep and slow to incredibly sharp movements. This contrast between slow and fast introduces rhythm to the beginning student, and helps them to develop the control to not just rush through the kata. It helps them develop their leg movements, and the ability to synchronize leg and arm movements.

Heian Godan

Heian Godan is a very visually exciting kata. Being the most athletic of the Heian series, this kata employs movements, techniques and concepts that stretch the skills of the beginning student.

Here, not only must the karateka further develop the vital contrast between fast and slow, but must also effectively execute a jump with speed, balance and grace.

Tekki Shodan

The Tekki Series are some of the most complex kata in the Shotokan Style. Originally a Shuri-te kata, places much emphasis on deep rooting. To maintain a strong kiba-dachi, with accurate posture and to avoid bobbing up-and-down requires much lower body strength, and this kata, as with all of the Tekki Kata are renown for their effective development of the ‘Hara’ (Located three fingertips below the naval).